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I believe when conducting business with God’s church, one must be aware it has two distinctive parts: Worldly and Spiritual.  The world demands our church be and act like a corporation as well as follow the laws of man.  God’s word, 2 Corinthians 6:14, commands us to become spiritual partners.  

A business partnership with a church is easy, the world dictates our direction through building codes, professional licenses, taxes, and so on. The world has issued me authority as an NCARB certified Architect, Building Code Inspector, and licensed General Contractor. Worldly academics has granted me a Bachelor Degree in Building Science, Masters Degree in Architecture, and Associate Professor of Architectural Studies position. My experience in the world spans 25 years designing and building churches, hospitals, schools, prisons, manufacturing, and Oil refineries. In January 2009, I partnered with Georgia Baptist and Lifeway Architecture to address the concerns of church project momentum. The main concern was churches spending thousands of dollars on designs by architects only to find out the project was over budget once bids were received. The reputations of pastors and other church leaders were bruised and, in some cases, unrepairable. My promise to Lifeway and Georgia Baptist was to create a process that protects the integrity and reputation of church leaders.

Steven Aydelott AIA

Building Faith: Spiritual Partnerships in Construction Projects

A spiritual partnership with a church is the most rewarding part of any project that I have encountered over 25 years. The paradigm shift here is to focus on the mission field that the Lord will bring to the church doorstep as an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus instead of seeing another building project.  In essence, a new building is actually for the very workers who lay the bricks and mortar.  In 2003, I read Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life” (Warren, 2012) where one chapter focused on your platform for ministry which convicted me to begin jobsite ministries.  Jobsite ministry started out as a devotion time for the workers, but since inception, it’s become much more. In preparation for ministry, the pastor and I develop two distinct teams during the planning and design phases of the project.  The Adoption Team is designed for those individuals who are timid and shy about sharing their faith, but strong prayer warriors.  Members of this team adopt a worker by selecting a photo of workers, provided by our team with permissions, who will be stationed at the jobsite sometime during the course of construction.  This member will bathe the worker in prayer prior, during, and after the work is done.  In essence, the adoption is a lifelong commitment to pray for this worker.  The Ministry Team is designed for those individuals who are not timid but bold and confident with sharing their faith and willing to give away part of themselves and dedicate time to disciple a worker who may be a new believer.  This team will care for the physical and spiritual needs of the workers for example meals, lunches, clothing, transportation, weekly devotions, and a wide array of other needs.  The end goal is that no worker who was part of the construction process will leave without knowing the church members love them and Jesus loves them.  A spiritual partnership is complicated sometimes but the rewards are eternal.
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