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Planning can be a long process, but construction/renovation is where the fun starts.  At this point, you will be able to start seeing your vision become a reality.


SOA has the management ability to complete your project successfully in whatever situation your church may be in.  We have expertise in:


Live Campus Project Management

Whether your church offers Bible Study during the week or a weekday pre-school, SOA will work closely with church leadership to insure minimal invasion to your normal daily routine.  That means no last minute class schedule or location changes, no unnecessary or unplanned inturruptions, and no loud interferrance during the middle of classes or worship services.


Time-Sensitive Scheduling

SOA has the resources to work around the clock if or when needed.  Depending on the church's needs and level of urgency, we have the ability to coordinate daily work schedules to work around church events, work 24 hour shifts to compress construction time frames, or even work at a more relaxed pace for churches who wish to include volunteer participation through our Jobsite Ministries Program.


Our Project Management Team works diligently to keep church leadership "in the loop" by offering regular updates to the church and making themselves personally available to help with change-orders, questions, and any concerns the church may have throughout the build process.  At project completion, a thorough walk through with both the church leadership and SOA's Project Management Team will address any final questions or concerns and ensure that all goals were satisfactorily met.  


Up next, move in time!

"I would like to express my appreciation to you and your team for a job well done... We learned a great deal about construction on a 'live campus' during this project.  Your awareness of the challenges we faced during the school day, while building right in the heart of our property, was most valuable."

Rick Parker,

Crossroads Baptist Church

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