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FBC Cedartown Design-Build Presentation.

Many churches design elaborate and ornate facilities that often times are too expensive to build or would require incurring large amounts of debt to complete.  At S.O.A., we want to help churches be good stewards of their finances and resources, by designing and building comfortable and stylish spaces that accurately meet space needs without wasting dollars on overly lavish details that could be better used to reach people for Jesus Christ.  With this goal in mind, we offer many financial benefits to churches that use our full Design-Build bundle, including a credit on architectural services once we enter the construction phase and our Giving & Financial Assessment to assist with funding options.

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*Due to the nature of our design process, S.O.A. promises NO change orders on all new design-build construction.  However, changes requested by the church (i.e. finish/fixture changes) during the construction phase may incur an additional fee or be subject to budget review.

While bundling with a full Design-Build contract is always better stewardship, each step in our process can be broken out into individual services.  We also have additional services that extend beyond the construction phase for long-term support with your new facility.

Stand Alone Design-Build Services

Space Plan Assessment

An assessment of your current facility and growth trends over 10 years.

Level I Schematic Design - Master Planning

Drawings of future building which allow us to match the picture and the price of your new facility. 

Includes:  Master Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, and Guaranteed Max Price for Construction

Giving & Financing Assessment

A full-day look into the generosity health of your church by compiling church data and meeting with staff and volunteers to discuss their vantage point on generosity.

Level II Schematic Design

Drawings of future building which allow us to match the picture and the price of your new facility.

Includes:  Master Plan, Block Model, Fly Through Video, 5 Color Renderings, Giving & Financing Assessment, and Guaranteed Max Price for Construction

Going Beyond Construction


A subscription service that allows us to be an on-call adviser for maintenance and building issues that you may face in a current and new facility.

Marketing & Outreach Coaching

Coaching session with staff and volunteers to equip them for being on mission in the community God has called you to.

Campus Facility Assessment

An in-depth look at the current state of a facility and a developed report planned to assist tracking all building issues at your pace.

Capital Campaign Coaching

Our hands on approach to coaching you through a Capital Campaign designed for you to unleash generosity in your church.

P.A.M.S. Program

A long-term approach to maintaining the health of your building over 40 years.

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