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Our Process

While church expansion projects do hold many similarities, we recognize that each project is unique, each church has it's own personality, and each building committee comes to the table with its own ideas, priorities, and goals.  With that in mind, our simple, stepped, 3-phase Design-Build Process is designed to do three very important tasks:

  1. Assist the church with cutting through the many needs, ideas, opinions, and choices to develop a clear, concise, accurate, and obtainable vision for the church's growth and expansion goals;

  2. Design a facility that matches current and future space needs with that vision, while ensuring that the design stays within the limits of the project budget as established by the stewards of the church's finances;

  3. Construct a quality facility that exceeds all ministry goals and is enjoyed by the congregants and communities for years to come!

FBC Cedartown Design-Build Presentation.

We also know from experience that each church comes to their expansion project with different levels of readiness.  Some churches know they need to expand, but don't know where to begin, while other ministries already know exactly what they want to build, how they want to build it, and when they want it completed.  Our process allows the freedom to meet the church wherever they are, be it the beginning stages of planning, to completing and pricing design ideas they've already decided upon, to even working alongside other architects to develop and construct designs the church has previously developed.  Wherever your church falls, be it programming, design or construction, we can help you finish strong!

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