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SOA has partnered with several church financing companies to bring you the best in lending and Generosity Campaign planning.  We have national lending capabilities and have multiple fundraising campaigns available.  Please contact us to inquire about our specific financing features offered through our lending partners.

The Generosity Campaign

By far, the best and most Biblical way to generate funds for your project is to look to your congregation, rather than banks.  We believe that when the people give generously and unconditionally, the church excels and the Lord is pleased.  Our team of leaders have the experience, compassion, and resources to provide your church with a comprehensive giving program that is sure to reach the hearts and minds of the giver and non-giver alike.  Please allow us the opportunity to share with your leadership how your church can become a renewed culture of giving within your community!

"They are to do good,

to be rich in good works,

to be generous and ready to share..."

1 Timothy 6:18

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