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Our Process

Many churches design elaborate and ornate facilities that often times are too expensive to build or would require incurring large amounts of debt to complete.  At S.O.A., we want to help churches be good stewards of their finances and resources, by designing and building comfortable and stylish spaces that accurately meet space needs without wasting dollars on overly lavish details that could be better used to reach people for Jesus Christ.  With this goal in mind, we offer many financial benefits to churches that use our full Design-Build bundle, including a credit on architectural services once we enter the construction phase and our Giving & Financial Assessment to assist with funding options.

Master Planning.png

Phase 1: Master Planning

  • Consultation for vision casting

  • Space Plan Analysis proposing the actual square footage need based on attendance

  • Floor plan of the proposed project with dimensions to scale. 

  • 3D rendering of exterior and interior

  • Five (5) still renderings printed and mounted on 24"x 36" foam core boards.

  • Budget estimate of the proposed project including soft cost such as A/V, furnishings, fixtures, etc. 

    • All work will be designed by a Licensed Architect

Phase 2: Design

  • Elevations 

  • Final Schematic 

  • Design Development

  • Architectural Plan Completion

  • Engineer Plan Completion

    • All work will be designed by a Licensed Architect


Phase 3: Construction

  • Permitting

  • Bidding

  • Construction

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